We believe in the transformative power of art. We believe that in making, we can make real change.

Welcome to NOLAnac, the NOLA Artist Collaborative. This project aims at connecting artists within  New Orleans and the International community of visitors that come seek out beauty within the Crescent City. Our focus is on making. We seek to build new relationships, strengthen old ones, create positive experiences for any interested persons that share our passion for the arts, while giving back to NOLA’s youth through the process of creation. It’s a simple idea, but a large task.

...Living in this amazing city cloaked with such fascinating history, beautiful architectural surroundings and interesting personalities one can’t help but feel inspired to create. We are currently offering experiences to explore and create from a local’s perspective. In addition to offering urban sketching walking tours as well as a variety of other classes, we work with the local community to provide opportunities for exposure and connectivity within the greater artistic community. 

NOLA Artist Collaborative is a living, breathing organization. Organic and evolving, at NOLAnac we believe that the sky is the limit and we would love to hear your suggestions on ways to better serve the community through artistic endeavors. Feel free to reach out and share your ideas so we may assist to bring your dreams into reality!

The NOLA Artist Collaborative was recently founded and we look forward to sharing our growth on this site. Located in New Orleans we are eager to meet local artists interested in collaborating and welcoming visiting artists from out of town to participate!

Life is beautiful.
Let’s make something great together!

My partner and I are educators and artists aspiring to inspire, provide opportunities for artistic growth, and this is our website. We both live and work in New Orleans. We believe in arts transformative power to create a positive change in the world around us. If you are interested in joining, see more information  about volunteering, membership, or trying out one of our offered experiences for yourself *coming soon*!

Meet the Founders

Lissie and Jackie. A bit about us…

Meet Ms. Jackie!

Jaqulin was born in New Orleans and attended the University of New Orleans. Jaqulin acted as Assistant Art Director of Agora Galleries, an active gallery pre-Hurricane Katrina (man, that place rocked!!!). While in New Orleans, she worked with Joshua Broussard, the studio’s Director & Interior Designer, while also owning and operating her own art studio, Abstrax Arts Photography Studio. When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Jaqulin moved to San Diego, California to re-open Abstrax Arts Gallery & Photography Studio in University Heights / Hilcrest. Jaqulin notes this move as “a wonderful experience, one that [she] will never forget.” In 2008, Jaqulin closed Abstrax Arts Gallery & Photography Studio, which returned the finefunkyartist to the dirty south, on a new journey–The journey of Jaqulin.com..

Jaqulin is an abstract artist living & working in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Graduate of University of New Orleans.
Jaqulin’s works are for sale online and via appointment.

Jackie’s unparalleled personality and years of experience as an artist, gallery owner, and working within New Orleans Public Schools makes her an invaluable member of the team.

“Art as Expression .. My obsession with Art allows me to pour out what’s inside. I love to create more than I like to sleep. My house is filled with ART. I have been an artist since i was a child it all started with my first Pentax camera!
What an adventure life has been since.
The dark room is fading in the world but not mine…”

Learn more about her http://www.jaqulin.com https://www.etsy.com/shop/finefunkyart

Jackie and Lissie leading tours at the Ogden Southern Museum of Art with public school students and Southern artists

Meet Ms. Lissie

Elisabeth has been living in NOLA and working as a teaching artist at in NOLA public schools since 2009. She is a TeachNOLA Master Teacher and previously taught Technical Career Welding as well as traditional fine arts as a Visual Arts educator in Arizona.
Currently she oversees the Talented Visual Arts Department and is charged with proctoring Advanced Placement Studio Art and Drawing Portfolios for submission to the College Board.

“I live and breathe art. Let’s make something beautiful together!”

Elisabeth (Lissie) studied Fine Arts at the University of Arizona with an emphasis in sculpture; specifically working in wood, metal fabrication, mold making, and lost wax sculpture Lissie’s roots in fabricating led to gaining skills in the areas of construction including renovation and offering services in regards to Interior Design for the popular trend of short term rentals .

She has produced several one-woman shows with her paintings and photography on display and her work has been exhibited in multiple group shows throughout Arizona, various locations in Central America and of course, NOLA.

If you want to learn more about how to participate, email Lissie at [email protected]

See you soon,

~Jackie and Lissie

Life is beautiful.


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